San Angelo – The 21st Century Agent training on Wednesday, May 7, 2014


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For this shortened training, I’ve chosen to focus on two things that I think can help agents and specialists find some success with meeting their own information needs, as well as expanding their reach into their communities.  We will focus on Twitter from the aspect of how it can help us not just communicate, but to sort information, find relevant and timely information, build capacity in a region, and discover helpful information our clients need.  The second part of the training is going to focus on how we write for the web – more importantly THAT we write for the web.  This is one of the hardest things to transition into for most of us.  Our writing is usually concentrated on traditional media like fact sheets and news releases.  However, most of us probably have undiscovered potential in this area.  When we think about writing for the web, in our minds it probably looks like turning PDF’s into HTML.  I think that’s the least of our strength areas.  The second part of the session is going to focus on how we “think” about information transfer, and then how we act upon that.  What does it take to make our information discover-able?  What does information for the web look like?  Are there many forms we can choose from?  How do we choose the best for each of our strengths?

9:30 am -12:00 noon          “How Technology Can Help Us Reach New Clients and Remain Relevant in Today’s World”     

  • Twitter – has potential you didn’t know existed.  Twitter typically is thought of as a high flowing river of short conversations, comments, and shares.  All of this is true.  However, there are some hidden strengths of Twitter that may make it very usable to CEA’s and specialists.  Twitter has built-in communication potentials that may appeal to you and your clients.  Ignore what you think you feel about Twitter and come try a new way of looking at this tool.
  • Writing for the Web – Many of us wouldn’t consider this a priority and most of us don’t know how to fit this into our job responsibilities.  Writing for the web isn’t just about grammar, it’s about how to turn the very things you do on a daily basis into 3-4 more things.


Things to do beforehand:

  • Twitter account – please sign up for a Twitter account
  • Hootsuite – I will be using this as a management tool.  You can download as needed
  • Bring tablet, laptop, or smartdevice (phone)

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Program Specialist - Emerging Technologies. Texas A&M AgriLife Extension. Currently working for the Institute of Renewable Natural Resources (IRNR ) I specialize in learning how online learners....well, learn! I use that to help build programs for the public in the area of natural resource conservation and management.
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