Southeast Regions Spring Faculty Conference 2015


Learning Innovation in CES

Looking for ways to improve your programs through social media?  This presentation was part of the Southeast Extension Region Spring Faculty Conference in Rosenburg.  This slide set is a recap of the presentation “Using Social Media to Provide Information and Promote Programs”

The premise of this training is on becoming “sense-makers” in CES.  Four basic suggestions follow the Jarche – Seek-Sense-Share

  1. Work on the quality of your county website – content matters!
  2. Use Facebook better.  Learn what makes great posts, use picture, find and follow good examples. Playfully connect!
  3. Curate – you are the expert, are you curating information and where?
  4. Share – put together a strategy.


About Amy E. Hays

Program Specialist - Emerging Technologies. Texas A&M AgriLife Extension. Currently working for the Institute of Renewable Natural Resources (IRNR ) I specialize in learning how online learners....well, learn! I use that to help build programs for the public in the area of natural resource conservation and management.
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