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Emerging Technologies and Innovation – What might this mean in Cooperative Extension?

I recently returned from the Emerging Technologies for Online Learning International Symposium where one of the Keynote speakers talked about the word “emerging technologies.” Gardner Campbell (Virginia Commonwealth University) spoke on his perceptions and strategies at looking at emerging technologies.  He had great insight into the concept of using emerging technologies versus technologies that EMERGE us to a new concept in time and space (you can read more on the VCU Alt Lab experiment).  It’s typical to use new technologies to do the same things we’ve done in the… Read More →

Defining Customer Service in Cooperative Extension

Is the term “customer service” relevant to Cooperative Extension? The term customer service is often associated with a department, or a task that you excel at or fail at.  In most businesses, and in both the private and public sector, generally speaking, customer service is getting someone to the right solution in the easiest way.  Consultants you hire can help you train staff, find bottlenecks in your systems, assess your response time, and help you develop patterns for not just meeting people’s needs, but exceeding their expectations.   If… Read More →