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Need a customized training or professional development?  Each of these listings is approximately 2.5 hours (unless otherwise noted).  Questions can be directed to  The goal of these training’s are to train, equip, and support county agents and specialists in extending their plans of work goals and local advisory missions.  Each training is set in the perspective of using Cooperative Extension methodology for outreach  and education and applying that to various tools and platforms to enhance the reach of programming.  The core emphasis of these training’s are to increase agent and specialist proficiency with these tools, but more importantly to continue to use successful outreach methods on new platforms for the purpose of increasing exposure to locally relevant information.


Becoming a Sense-Maker : the Critical Role of the County Extension Agent and Program Specialist

sense making as an Texas A&M AgriLife AgentCommunicating effectively and providing value-added programming is part of the role of the 21st Century Agent.  With the variety of information available, average clients have an easier time accessing timely information, but that information is not always locally relevant or applicable without an expert opinion on how to apply that information to problem solving.  Learning how to become a “sense-maker” is a unique skill that agents and specialists can build upon to continue to create impact programming at the local level.

This class will feature:

  • Methods to find and curate relevant information
  • Organizing information into patterns for programming
  • Techniques that enhance face-to-face programming before and after an event


Instagram for Insta Programming

instagramInstagram is one of the fastest growing photo blogging sites around.  The value of a photo for programming can be a unique way to foster programming goals.  This training features a look at the use of Instagram using a Cooperative Extension model of teaching through high visual impact.  Instagram can be used to build a visual resource around a topic, to create a feedback program between agents and clients, or to raise awareness around a topic through visual demonstration.

This class will feature methods to create a presence on Instagram and ways agencies and organizations are using Instagram to build client relations.

Pinterest – How Pin Board and Cooperative Extension Compliment Each Other

pinterestPinterest has established itself as a leader in social networking in a short amount of time.  Typical use of Pinterest on the surface might not make it seem like a good candidate for Cooperative Extension use.  However, this tool provides a great resource for content curration.  Methods of information organization that work traditionally for Cooperative Extension can be replicated in this tool with additional advantages of reaching new audiences.  Pinterest can help organize agent programs, share related resources, and create new resources that agents and specialists can use directly in program efforts.

Facebook For Outreach Programming

facebookFacebook is one of the most established social networks and has enjoyed great success.  Several generations in the workforce use this as their primary tool.  This course focus on using some directed methodology on maximizing Facebook efforts.  There are many ways to use Facebook to its fullest potential in outreach and programming, and those can change the outcome of efforts on this tool.  This class focus’ on improving the use and understanding how to analyze reach on Facebook.

Twitter For County Agents and Specialists – Beyond the Tweet

twitterTwitter has made its name in the rapid ability to be one of the most timely news media of the current era.  Most people have a relative understanding on the value and use of Twitter, but there are other ways in which this tool is particularly useful in Cooperative Extension.  This class will concentrate on using techniques and methods to mine the power of information flow in Twitter and using Twitter to find locally relevant information that can support programming.  Some of the features such a creating lists and using favorites will be part of this class.  The basis of this class is to create proficiency in using Twitter toward supporting sense-making to enhance local programs.

Google – Learning Across County Lines

googleappsGoogle apps provide opportunities for agents and specialists to work in collaborative environments.  Learning how to use the working environment of Drive, Hangouts, Google communities, and other Google tools can help build professional proficiency for agents and specialists.  This class concentrates on how Google tools can add work efficiency to common tasks that agents and specialists do as part of their everyday jobs.  Learning Google tools can also provide an opportunity to learn new collaborative methods.

eXtension for County Agents and Specialists

extension eXtension is a great tool for County agents and specialists both to grow their own networks, but also supporting efforts in programming.  There are many different ways to use eXtension – some that are very basic in just using it as part of your daily information networks while others can be more in-depth into using eXtension to discover information patterns and emerging issues.  This class looks at eXtension from as a client, and than more in-depth as a contributor.  There are efficiencies that support county and state programming through eXtension as well as extending your learning network.  Learn how to take advantage of experts and relevant resources.

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