For this class we are going to be using quite a bit of Google products.  A few of you have Google accounts that you are already using, but many of you do not have accounts set up that integrate into Google+.  For the things we want to accomplish as part of this training, we’ll need to get you to do SOME account building in Google that includes Google+.  You can choose to discontinue use later on (or use your existing Google account should you choose).

***If you already have a Google+/ Google presence and want to use that, I’ll adjust to add your account to the things that we will do.  Don’t feel obligated to build another account.***

Backstory – Your eXtensionID and Google

When you established your eXtensionID, it included a “bridge” to Google that allows you to log in with your eXtensionID credentials ( and pwd: (the password you  use to log into people)) to set up a Google account.  It’s simply a login name and NOT an email address.  Your email address will ALWAYS be the one you set up in PEOPLE app at eXtension.  What is does allow you to do is basically tap into an “enterprise” version of Google and Google Apps in which collaboration is easier because you don’t have to manage lots of email addresses.  We’ll explore that later.  For now, the basics are that you can use your eXtensionID credentials to set up your Google presence.

Using your eXtensionID to log into Google

I’ve created a help page that explains (through video) about HOW to look up and use your eXtensionID to log into Google in order to set up your Google Plus presence.  If  you choose to use your existing Google account to do this, skip to the next section about setting up your Google Plus account

Google +  Account

Google PLUS is the social community part of Google.  The LinkedIn/Facebook for Google.  Setting up your PLUS account does allow you to do more than just the basics of Google Apps.  For some things (like joining our 21st Century Agent Google Community and Google Hangouts) you will need to have a Google Plus account.  There are lots of interesting things in Google Plus that I’ll show you, just for your own use.

Google does a GREAT job on telling you how to get started on joining Google+ so it’s a bit redundant for me to explain it in text.  The key thing you will need to know is

  • your user is   (that part is important)
  • your password will be THE SAME password you use to log into eXtension (you can recover it at if you forget it

Follow the instructions from Google for joining Google+

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